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    GstarCAD 2021

    The most desirable alternative CAD

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    GstarCAD 2020

    GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with AutoCAD.

    With nearly 30 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.

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    Easy Switch

    Just take 15 minutes & you will find you are familiar with GstarCAD

    GstarCAD developed extremely high compatibility with other CAD solutions. If you are using existing CAD tools, you will be impressed by the high level of compatibility. You will be soon creating and handling drawings with exactly original ways.

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    Save your time with faster running speed

    Higher performance plays an important role in GstarCAD 2020. The performance of common-use operations like "OPEN", "QSAVE", "PLOT", "CLIP", "TRIM", "PASTE", "MOVE", "DYNAMIC SELECTION", and more commands are significantly faster than other CAD software.

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    Unique Tools 

    Speed up your drafting with unique practical tools

    GstarCAD provide over 100 unique and innovation tools like “Collaboration”, “Area Table”, “Auto Layer”, “Viewport to Layout”, “Autoxlstable”. They are adopted to significantly speed up your drafting speed.  

    GstarCAD 2021 What's New

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    New Features

    • Migrate User Custom Settings

    • Point Cloud

    • Tool Palette Improvement
    • 3D Improvement
    • Quick Measure
    • And More....

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    Flexible Licensing

    We provide flexible licensing, you could buy the perpetual license, you are free to choose the license mode and you decide when to upgrade.

    Perpetual License

    GstarCAD is available as a "perpetually licensed" product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more convenient than ACAD subscriptions. 

    Multiple Licensing Modes

    GstarCAD Licensing Mode is available with both Serial Number and USB Dongle, each could be used for Stand-alone or Network license. You could choose either one based on your business needs. 

    Flexible Access to Upgrade

    You can upgrade your license for every new version or keep using the same version. When you upgrade your license it keeps perpetual license unchanged. 

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