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GstarCAD 2020 Release notes

The most desirable alternative CAD


GstarCAD 2020 comes with comprehensively 3D optimization,more new practical features and important enhancement, making your design more smooth and efficient. With the best-ever performance, seamless compatibility and the full functionalitiesGstarCAD 2020 became the most desirable alternative CAD.

New Interface

GstarCAD 2020 offers you a concise and familiar interface which you can easily accustom to. You will enjoy the working environment in different ways in this version. You can display and rearrange elements like the toolbars, display the command bar, switch between workspaces, change the interface themes, customize your own user interface and enable the status bar. The toolbars and command bar can also be floated anywhere on the screen or docked as well. 

New Quick Properties

Quick Properties is a set of objects properties displayed through the Properties Palette. GstarCAD 2020 is able to customize your own Quick Properties, you can decide to show your preferred object type with selected object properties to save the limited drawing space.

In Quick Properties menu of CUI, You can choose which object types display properties and which properties of the object are displayed on the Quick Properties palette. You are allowed to enable and disable the properties of the objects as needed. Additionally, you can override the General Properties for all Object Types and restore the settings for Quick Properties.

New Collaboration Features 

Since the release of GstarCAD Collaboration last year, It acquired high praise from worldwide. GstarCAD Collaboration realized multi-disciplinary collaborative design, helps CAD designers work together among a mutual drawing reference environment at the same time. In order to speed up your design efficiency, GstarCAD 2020 adds more new features in collaboration such as Milestone and Project Branches, Export logs, View drawing changes, Reference file relocation and so on.

3D Improvement 

GstarCAD 2020 makes great effort in 3D, brings you an amzaing 3D with the comprehensive reconstitution for 3D system, improved 3D performance, 3D functionalities , display effect and accuracy. Therefore, view and edit 3D model are more accurate and fluent in this version. You will get an unprecedented 3D experience in GstarCAD 2020.

JOIN Command Improvement 

Join command can only join the end points of line and pline to creat a single object in GstarCAD previous version. More objects are supported by Join command in GstarCAD 2020. Join command not only supports line and pline, but also support arc, spline.  

Display Improvement for 4K Monitor

4K Monitor has a higher resolution which has completely changed the level of visual detail and clarity. GstarCAD 2020 adapts the 4K screen resolution from interface to dialog boxes. You can get a clearer visual display in GstarCAD 2020 with 4K monitor. 

GRX Interface Improvement 

GstarCAD offers friendly secondary development interface. GstarCAD have been cooperating with hundreds of developers worldwide to provide industrial solutions for customers.

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